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Wizard of Oz Slots Auto Play

There are moments when you just really want to win. Such moments are when you usually check out some guides or strategies on how to win Wizard of Oz slots. No matter how thirsty you are to win, never think of resorting to any slot cheats. The truth is it is impossible for you to have a surefire formula for winning, no matter what cheats you apply. What you can do instead is to make the most of the useful functions provided by the game. Among them is the Wizard of Oz slots Auto Play function.

Comply with betting requirements using Auto Play

Have you heard about betting requirements? Maybe you joined a casino that did give you a large bonus. But before cashing out the bonus, you have to meet the high betting requirement. This requirement is a set of turns or the number of times you have to bet so that the wins you got can be eligible for withdrawal. If you play Wizard of Oz slots to comply with this requirement, you may just want to use the Wizard of Oz slots Auto Play function.

Using this function can save you much time and effort. Since Wizard of Oz slots has five reels and up to 30 pay lines, it is a great opportunity for you to use Wizard of Oz slots Auto Play. You can surpass the betting requirements without doing anything at all. The most you will be doing is setting the reels to spin as many times as you need. The next time you check back, you will see that the Auto Play function has already done its work.

Using Wizard of Oz slots Auto Play function

The Auto Play function of the game is better than clicking the Spin button manually and keeping track of things on a notepad. As long as your betting techniques are solid and you have Wizard of Oz slots Auto Play, you can surpass betting requirements and maybe even get a huge win.

You simply have to click the Auto Play button once to activate the automatic spinning of the reels. Even if you have just clicked it once, the spinning will go on for an indefinite number of turns until the Oz Pick mode comes up. This means you still have to pay attention to what is happening on the interface. Besides, you do not want to miss picking a reward among the three Feature symbols during the Oz Pick mode.

When you come across a feature, the Wizard of Oz slots Auto Play function deactivates. When you get eight Wizard of Oz slots free spins through the Winged Monkey feature, for instance, the Auto Play stops. Only when the feature is over can you click on the Auto Play button again. Indeed, the function is a great tactic to burn through spins quickly. It can be especially helpful if you have like, 400 spins. Instead of getting gamer’s wrist, just let the software do the work.