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Wizard of Oz Slots Bets

Many gamblers have known Wizard of Oz slots game because of its theme and layout. But what have gained the players’ confidence with this slot are the game’s rewarding features. Simply put, you can win big here if you know how to bet smart. Betting smart prevents you from losing more money since it is nearly impossible in online slots to not let you risk losing your money. For your benefit, here are things to remember before you place some Wizard of Oz slots bets. These guidelines might even answer your question on how to win Wizard of Oz slots.

The minimum and maximum Wizard of Oz slot bets

It is important that you know the smallest and the largest Wizard of Oz slots bets you can place on a spin. Knowledge of the bet range will allow you to play Wizard of Oz slots with varying amounts of wagers. Bear in mind that this online slot allows you to bet a minimum of 0.01 coins and a maximum of 5 coins per pay line.

If you bet 3 coins, for instance, on all 30 pay lines, the total bet will be 90 coins. One amazing feature of this slot is has a wide range of betting options to choose from. Whether you are a low betting gambler or one of the higher slot bettors, you can reach the betting level of this online slot.

Manage you Wizard of Oz slots bets

Knowing the right amount of Wizard of Oz slots bets to place does not guarantee you big wins. But you still need to know strategies that will keep you from gaining less and losing more money. Since your goal is to increase your winnings, you must how to manage your bankroll. A bankroll is the amount of money you want to spend in a Wizard of Oz slots casino. If you know your limits, you will know how to set properly your wagers.

Bet high or bet low?

Managing your bankroll starts with building it, and betting low is the way to build your bankroll. Betting low allows you to have time to form your bankroll as smooth as possible. You can increase your bet once you see a nicely built bankroll. Some online slots give your more wins if you bet the maximum level. This applies especially to slots with progressive jackpots. In the case of Wizard of Oz slots, you do not necessarily have to do it since the game has a static jackpot.

However, most gamblers say that the big wins happen when you set your bet on the maximum level. At the end of the day, it is your decision whether to bet maximum or not. This and the other strategies discussed will help you know the best Wizard of Oz slot bets to place. Weighing your betting options is important if you want to have a good gaming experience, especially in this movie-inspired online slot.