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Wizard of Oz Slots Jackpots

There are articles online focusing on how to win Wizard of Oz slots effortlessly. But if winning was that easy, everyone would do it. The truth is, slot games are random and there is no winning pattern to follow. Your previous spin has nothing to do with your next spin. If you want to win the Wizard of Oz slots jackpots, focus on elements that you can control. Continue reading to find out which aspects of the game you should always keep an eye on.

The value of jackpots

Jackpot games are valuable to both online casinos and players. Online casinos advertise jackpot games, inviting you to sign up and play. In turn, there are many players that want to win a life-changing jackpot, so they sign up and play. In slot games, jackpots can come in either of these two forms: progressive jackpot and static jackpot.

If you do not know what a progressive jackpot is, think about it this way: many people are playing the same game as you, in different casinos. So when you play a progressive jackpot game, a little of every player’s bet contributes to the prize pool. It is just a matter of seeing who gets the winning spin first.

A static jackpot, on the other hand, is fixed. Whenever you play Wizard of Oz slots, you get a chance to win a jackpot of 10,000 coins. Even if there are a hundred people playing the same game as you, the Wizard of Oz slots jackpots stays at 10,000 coins. Either way, winning a jackpot prize will fill you with satisfaction.

Follow the yellow brick road to Wizard of Oz slots jackpots

Wizard of Oz slots jackpots may be static but you can still have a good time. The highest amount you can get in one spin is 10,000 coins. Plus, Wizard of Oz slots game has three fun bonus features for you to discover. Each time you play, you can trigger the Oz Pick feature, the free spins, or a monetary prize.

But out of all the bonuses, the most interactive is the Road to Emerald City feature. It gives you access to a screen filled with emeralds. Clicking on them will award you with a money prize, a character land, or a way to the Emerald City.

If you get a character land, you may be sent to Cowardly Lion Dark Forest, Wicked Witch Castle, Scarecrow Corn Field or Tin Man Apple Orchard. Then you need to choose one of the two Golden Charm symbols. You will be sent back to the Yellow Brick Road, or you will move onto the next screen.

Each time you spin the Wizard of Oz slot reels, you may see a pink bubble appear. Inside this bubble is Glinda the Good Witch, who will transform the reels into expanding wilds. The wilds replace nearly every symbol, giving you more chances to get multiple wins.

Static Wizard of Oz slots jackpots over progressive slot jackpots

If the progressive jackpot offers a larger payout, why would anyone prefer playing for a static jackpot? To qualify for a progressive jackpot, you may need to bet the max amount of coins. It may make a sizable dent in your bankroll. When your bankroll is low, it limits your potential to win the progressive jackpot.

Meanwhile, the Wizard of Oz slots jackpots is fixed. Even if you stick to the lowest amount of coins, you can still win a static jackpot. When you make smaller bets, you deplete your bankroll slowly. The longer your bankroll lasts, the better your chances are of winning the Wizard of Oz slots jackpots.

But if you are playing Wizard of Oz slots for the first time, free games are a great starting point. Look for a Wizard of Oz slots casino offering a Wizard of Oz slots no deposit bonus. Then you can play Wizard of Oz slots for free without using your own money. And when you are ready, sign up, make that first deposit, and begin playing for the Wizard of Oz slots jackpots.