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Wizard of Oz Slots Progressive Jackpots

It is true that progressive jackpots often come higher than static jackpots. When a jackpot is progressive, it is cumulative of the portions of the bets placed by all the players of the game. This means the jackpot grows over time so long as no one hits the jackpot combo. While this is attractive, it is hard to hit. That is one reason why there are no Wizard of Oz slots progressive jackpots. But surely, you have a chance to hit the static Wizard of Oz slots casino jackpot.

Why look for no Wizard of Oz slots progressive jackpots

To set things straight, hitting a progressive jackpot is a high-risk undertaking. If Wizard of Oz slots progressive jackpots exist, you will have to bet the maximum amount per spin just so you can have a chance to win such jackpots. This would mean shorter gameplay. Betting the maximum amount will shorten your stay in the game. The less time you spend on playing, the less likely you will win any jackpot.

In addition, Wizard of Oz slots game offers a static jackpot. If you happen to make the Jackpot symbols land on all rows across an active pay line, you get the 10,000-coin jackpot. And yes, this static jackpot does not change. Neither does it depend on the wagers of the players of the game. Given this, why do you still have to look for any Wizard of Oz slots progressive jackpots that are harder to win?

Alternatives to Wizard of Oz slots progressive jackpots

Apart from the static jackpot, the game offers you progressive wins within the slot’s mini-games. If you get to the Winged Monkey mini-game feature, you get eight Wizard of Oz slots free spins. These free spins may top up your account with prize after prize after prize. Who knows how many times you can actually win coins here? This mini-game can be retriggered, so always hope you stay longer in this feature for more wins.

Another alternative to Wizard of Oz slots progressive jackpots is the Road to Emerald City mini-game. Here, you start with 30 emeralds onscreen. Click those emeralds to reveal prizes. So long as your clicks give you coin prizes, you do not advance to the next destination. When you happen to click on an emerald underneath which lies the Emerald City logo or a character land icon, you will proceed to your next stop. Surely, more winnings await you. Play Wizard of Oz slots now to discover how much cash you can actually win as you journey in Oz.