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Wizard of Oz Slots RTP

Play Wizard of Oz slots and you will find that slot gaming is not just about entertainment but also about rewards. The game takes on a theme taken from the classic 1939 Oz movie. It adopted symbols from the film and at the same time carried over to Wizard of Oz slots casino sites the scenes and places from the movie. Best of all, the overall design of the game is interspersed with rewards players will want to bag. Plus, with a high Wizard of Oz slots RTP, the game is one you must not miss playing.

What is Wizard of Oz slots RTP?

RTP stands for return to player. Simply put, Wizard of Oz slots RTP is a percentage of the money you invested in playing that you will potentially get back in the long playing run.  Since the RTP of Wizard of Oz slots is 95.99%, you can expect the casino to give back to you 95.99% of your game credits as you play longer. However, you should not take it as an absolute reality. There are factors affecting the casino’s return to you as a player.

One factor is the amount of money you allot for betting. If you just set aside $5, for instance, for your gameplay, do not expect to get back 95.99% of it before your last spin. RTP is most achieved by players who immerse in the game long enough. The more money you invest, the longer you can stay in the game. The longer you play, the more likely you are to achieve the Wizard of Oz slots RTP.

Bonuses features alongside high RTP

Even if you do not get to experience the Wizard of Oz slots RTP, you can still enjoy playing and expect winning. There are different bonuses to look forward to. Among them is the free-play mode. This mode is what you should play if you just want to test the game’s RTP. Here, you do not need to risk your bankroll as the version gives you free dummy credits.

Whether you do the free play or get in the real-money game, you are eligible for the in-game features of Wizard of Oz slots. One of them is the Winged Monkey mode in which you get Wizard of Oz slots free spins that you can retrigger. Another is the Road to Emerald City mini-game wherein you get to journey to the Emerald City or further into a character land. In this mini-game, big prizes always await you.

In the normal game mode, you can also get regular Wilds and even Reel Wilds. These and previously mentioned features are there for you to get the feel of Wizard of Oz slots RTP. Now for you to make your dream of winning big come true, start your betting adventure to Oz now. Sign up and play Wizard of Oz slots today.