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Wizard of Oz Slots Free Bonus

Wizard of Oz slots game is one of the first slots to hit the iGaming scene. With its cutting-edge features from software provider WMS Gaming, it attracted plenty of slot enthusiasts and wagering aficionados alike. More than that, the game continues to rake in more players as it shows how rewarding spinning its reels can be. Wizard of Oz slots game takes the extra mile by supplying tailor-made bonus features that are geared to deliver rewarding gaming moments. Discover what these Wizard of Oz slots free bonus features are. They are what you need to hit huge wins.

Reel Wilds from Glinda the Good Witch

Firstly, there is the iconic Glinda the Good Witch bonus that comes randomly in the base game. Just spin and spin. You might just catch yourself surprised by the approach of a pink bubble toward the reels. Inside the bubble is Glinda the Witch. Wait for her to speak and eventually give you up to four Reel Wilds. With these, you are more likely to bag big prizes.

Even without Glinda, Wild symbols may still appear – only this time they are not as big as one whole reel.  But they are useful in increasing your chance to have more winning combinations. Also, these Wizard of Oz slots free bonus Wilds may land on the reels anytime in the base game.

Wizard of Oz slots free bonus spins

Another bonus you may get while you play Wizard of Oz slots is the Winged Monkey feature. This Wizard of Oz slots free bonus comes in the form of eight Wizard of Oz slots free spins. To activate this bonus, you have to enter the Oz Pick mode triggered by the appearance of three Feature symbols on the reels. If you happen to pick the symbol which carries the Winged Monkey feature, you are sure to get free spins.

If these free spins are not enough, seek more from any generous Wizard of Oz slots casino. There are sites that give away free spins as a Wizard of Oz slots no deposit bonus. Others may also give you Wizard of Oz slots free Bitcoin.

Road to Emerald City mini-game

Also in the Oz Pick mode is the Road to Emerald City mini-game. This Wizard of Oz slots free bonus feature will literally take you to a world of rewarding emeralds as you can win big here. You will see 30 emeralds on the Yellow Brick Road screen. These gemstones present cash prizes, character lands, and the Emerald City. Revealing a character land will send to the Tin Man Apple Orchard, Scarecrow Cornfield, Lion Dark Forest, or Wicked Witch Castle. Any of these lands give you tickets to bigger wins.

If you happen to click the stone having the Emerald City symbol, you will continue journeying into the Emerald Castle. Here, more winnings await. To unlock this Wizard of Oz slots free bonus and more, start playing the game now. Sign up, deposit, spin, and win! You may also try the Wizard of Oz slots mobile version.