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Wizard of Oz Slot Jackpots

The Wizard of Oz Slot jackpots are some of the most sought after wins in many online casinos. To win this prize, players need to match the Wizard of Oz Slot jackpots symbol. The chances of being able to match these symbols are slim unless you know the strategies on how to win Wizards of Oz Slot.

However, players could take advantage of the bonuses. This helps to give them more opportunities to match the game and hit the Wizard of Oz Slot Jackpots. Another key factor to take note of is the amount a player bet for every spin. Putting the right amount should help them get the most out of a Wizard of Oz Slot Jackpots.

Bet like a wizard

Getting the jackpot and the highest prize in one of the game’s bonus feature is not impossible. Players simply need to stay in the game longer to gain more opportunities to win them.  In order for players to get a lot of spins, they should portion their bankroll to about 4% to 5% of its maximum amount. This should be low enough for them to increase their chance of getting to the bonus games. It is also large enough for them to win a good chunk of cash for every large payout they might get. The betting amount is how to win Wizards of Oz Slots.

Glinda the Good Witch

One of the unique features of the game which can further help players is the Glinda Good Witch symbol. When a Glinda appears, she converts all of the symbols within the reel she is in into Wild symbols. This is a good way to get more coins to reach the two bonuses and the Wizard of Oz Slot Jackpots.

Winged Monkeys and the Emerald City

There are two bonus features which can be a player’s stepping stone towards the jackpot. The first is the Winged Monkey feature. During this feature, players have several Wizard of Oz free spins and are able to change random symbols into Wild symbols.

The next feature is the Road to Emerald City. Players are shown numerous emeralds on the screen. They could win cash, a character bonus game or the Emerald City symbol. The character bonus games are where players can choose different gold charms. Picking a character amongst one of the charms can win them a good payout. Getting an Emerald City symbol can send the players to the Wizards himself. This is where they can get the Wizard of Oz slots big wins.

By betting the right amount and knowing the game’s features, players can increase their luck when playing for the Wizard of Oz Slot Jackpots.